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Why Did Stihl Discontinue The Ms290

A simple glance at the company’s beginning reveals Stihl is a leader in great chainsaw technology and development. With 85 years of history behind the company, the German-engineered machines are trustworthy and long-lasting.

For a good reason, Andreas Stihl is frequently cited as the chainsaw’s creator. In 1926, they created the first 2 man electric chainsaw for commercial use. Three years later, in 1929, they made the first 2 man chainsaw driven by gasoline.

Their three-link chain design, which offered a significantly improved cutting experience and was patented in 1931, revolutionized the chainsaw. The chain’s automated lubrication was added in 1934, extending the product’s lifespan.

Stihl chainsaw

The KS 43 variant, which used lightweight magnesium, decreased the device’s weight, and reduced user fatigue, was released in 1943. The first one-man, portable gasoline chainsaw—the modern chainsaw as we know it—was introduced in 1950.

One of the most iconic pro chainsaws was the Stihl MS290 Farm boss. It was an evolution and upgrade and made a worthy new saw. So, it was a sad day for many when Stihl discontinued the MS290.

In our guide, you can find out what made the Stihl MS290 price worth it and the Stihl MS290 specs that were interesting yet needed updating. By the end, you’ll know more about this great saw and what you’ll be looking at to cut firewood from now on with new saws. (Learn Lawn Mower Died While Mowing And Won’t Start)

A Closer Look At The Farm Boss Stihl MS290

The Stihl Farm Boss MS290 chainsaw is the company’s best-selling model, and for a good reason. Since the first model’s debut over 15 years ago, many product improvements have been made to get the technology to where it is today.

Here is a quick look at some of the Stihl MS290 specs and what you can expect to find on the machine if you were to buy a stock one. This model’s engine produces 2.8 kW (3.8 bhp) of power and weighs only 13.0 lbs., making it light enough for guys to carry out the door and use all day without being overly tired.

The MS290 chainsaw includes all of the standard Stihl features. You’ll find the Oilomatic chain doesn’t require oil lubrication, the master control level lets you control the machine’s primary features from one point, and the Quickstop system enables the chain to stop in a split second for maximum safety.

Besides the regular features, this model has a lot of additional innovative improvements.

One new one is the unit simpler to start is Elastostart. In contrast to conventional starters, the machine’s starting action is smoothed out by the integrated shock absorber, and the difference is you won’t fight against compression in the cylinder.

The Intellicarb system is a significant additional innovation on the Stihl MS290 chainsaw piece of equipment. To run the engine at the proper rpm without human intervention, the Intellicarb automatically adjusts the carb-fuel ratio if the air filter becomes partially or entirely clogged by chips or debris.

This is a fantastic feature, especially if you are using firewood that is of a higher quality. The tension adjustment screw of the Stihl MS290 chainsaw is on the side of the machine, making it considerably simpler to adjust than a traditional chainsaw.

As you can see, this chainsaw has all the features any guy could need and packs a serious punch when cutting firewood. Compared to most other chainsaws now on the market, it has a two-year warranty, making it a reliable model.

Your Stihl chainsaw should last you for many years if you follow the maintenance instructions, and it is always a good price. (Read Overseed St Augustine With Bermuda Guide)

Why Did Stihl Discontinue The MS290?

Stihl chainsaw side view

It was bad news for many, without a doubt, that the best of pro saws was discontinued. Although this model is still quite popular, the chassis and engine looked outdated.

As new emissions rules are frequently rammed down businesses’ throats, Stihl has returned to the drawing board for some of the most well-known models to develop more environmentally friendly alternatives.

While there was nothing wrong with the MS290, it had to compete with advertising, and the load companies felt about emissions meant you could spend money elsewhere.

If you are wondering what to replace the Stihl MS29, here is the answer. The MS291 model has taken the place of the MS290. The two saws appear identical, although the newest model weighs about 1 lb. less due to a revised chassis.

A new chain system is also in use. The engine, a stratocharged 2-stroke model, is the other significant difference. This indicates that it uses less fuel and emits fewer emissions. The MS291 C-BE, an improved version of the MS291, is also available for purchase.

This has improved features, including the Quick Chain Tensioner System, Easy2Start System, and Second Chain Brake. The MS291 base model retails for a little more than the earlier model, but the increased fuel efficiency and a better power-to-weight ratio helps to justify the higher saw price plus tax.

Here you can find more information on why the company discontinued the Ms290 and is no longer sold.

Outdated Engine

The Ms290’s antiquated and subpar engine was the first and most important factor in its discontinuation. While more modern chainsaws include more modern engines, the Ms290 chainsaw is powered by an old-fashioned engine.

Because the Ms290’s engine lacks the new stratocharged two-stroke cylinder design other products have, Stihl stopped manufacturing it.

The Ms290’s engine is not environmentally friendly, and the fuel efficiency is no better than that of a gasoline engine. In contrast to other chainsaws created after the MS290, they have more robust and effective engines.

Stihl was forced to discontinue producing the Ms290 because new saws surpassed the engine cylinder and carb functions.  The heat was on to produce something cleaner and more fuel efficient to saw wood and cut trees. (Read St Augustine Grass Runners Guide)

Engines Not Environmentally Friendly

Chainsaws come in a variety of types on the market today. Before it was discontinued, the Stihl MS290 chainsaw was a fantastic choice if you wanted to purchase high-quality equipment.

It is crucial to consider the idea why the MS-290 was discontinued, especially considering your limited spending power. The MS290’s inefficiency and potential environmental harm are significant factors in its discontinuation.

The Ms290 lacks an engine that is efficient and good for the environment. The Ms290 saw operates for a more extended period and generates more potentially dangerous emissions when cutting mountains of wood.

The powered products of the company are marked with the STIHL Inc. Caring for Nature seal.

And because the Ms290 has been tested via the STIHL Inc. Caring for Nature testing, it fell short of the requirements set forth by the company to sell.

The EPA and CARB developed these criteria for cleanliness.

Poor Saw Cylinder and Carb Air Filtration

The Ms290 includes an air filtering system but doesn’t have the pre-separation features that the new standards advise businesses to have. This method expedites the process while enhancing the engine’s filter system’s performance.

As a result, the method lessens how frequently the air filter needs to be cleaned. The air is then sent toward the air filter after being divided, allowing the larger dirt fragments to disperse. It means that you need to carry out less frequent cleaning and maintenance, and right up until the discontinuation date, it was a feature missing from the MS290.

The pre-separation air filtration technology in the new model is substantially more sophisticated. In addition, the saw features an audiovisual setup that is different from the MS290.

Heavy Weight

man using a Stihl chainsaw

The Stihl MS290 continues to be a well-liked option even though it has been available on the market for a long time. However, the saw is too hefty for the job. The Ms290 is heavy compared to new models that are far lighter.

Along with the other mentioned reasons, Stihl felt this to be a significant reason and discontinued producing the MS 290. The new Stihl saws are more deserving candidates for your money and to replace the MS290.

The MS291 is more deserving of replacement because it weighs one pound less than the Stihl MS290 Farm Boss. Compared to the model exemplified by the Stihl Farm Boss 290, it appears to be a significant advance in comparison.

The Ms290’s design also suffered from a low power-to-weight ratio. Therefore, more current chainsaws are worthwhile investing in.

Less Effective Chain Tensioner System

The MS290 chain tensioning system is less efficient than the present design. And this is among the factors that led to its discontinuation. There is also a quick chain tensioning system, an additional chain brake, and an Easy2Start starter for the most recent saws, such as the MS291 model.

A STIHL chain makes it easy to change the saw’s cutting power thanks to its quick-tighten system. You may quickly change the saw chain tension by turning the thumb wheel using no tools.

Users of the mechanism might expect a variety of particular advantages. The chain can be moved once the sprocket cover is unlatched, after which it can be retightened.

The Sthil saw industry is currently undergoing reform, making toolless operations efficient. The guide bar and chain can be changed without additional tools. It is straightforward to comprehend.

It is simple and quick to adjust the chain tension thanks to the chain rapid tensioning system. It makes positioning the guide bar simple, and the cutting attachment is easy to maintain and clean. (Learn How Long Before Rain Can You Spray Roundup)

Market Factor

The MS290 has seen an improvement from many newer chainsaws on the market, and the MS290 is considerably more expensive than these recent chainsaws. As a result, the manufacturer might not need to produce a chainsaw with a lower value.

It is more advantageous to compete with a saw with a higher functionality level and a set price range. Despite this, the functionality of these saws is exceptionally high considering their level. Their prices are comparable to those of other products in the same category.

Since the MS290 saw is no longer manufactured, the weight of the most recent chainsaw has decreased. It is easy to understand why they would be so adamant about making such improvements if they had a new chainsaw.


The company had to discontinue making the MS290 for several valid reasons. Right now, the drawbacks exceed the potential advantages. The multiplicity of aspects is one of the many difficult features.

It has low construction quality, is heavy, and lacks sufficient power. There has a long history of issues and unreliability with the throttle linkage and noise from the saw muffler. It was a good saw, but not by today’s standards. However, you can get the new versions that are fit to post on many sites where you have a mountain of wood to cut.

Why Did Stihl Discontinue The Ms290