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How To Start A Stihl Fs55r Weedeater

Stihl is known for its tough chain saws, but the business has expanded its expertise to include a comprehensive line of power equipment, including string trimmers. Stihl produces many trimmer models, ranging from light-duty household models to professional-grade trimmers.

Like many gas-powered trimmers, these make a lot of noise and can fling debris a long way.  The STIHL petrol Line Trimmer is fitted with a tried-and-true engine that will not fail you. It has a straight shaft and is the STIHL model that can be fitted with a metal grass cutting blade at the lowest price.

The Stihl FS 55r weed eater features STIHL ErgoStart, so starting a Stihl weed eater is straightforward with this starting technology and can be started with only one pull. In addition, the bulbar handle (or adding a bike handle) makes mowing broad areas more comfortable for the operator. (Learn How Long For Atrazine To Work)

fs55r trimmer

However, as with any gardening equipment, they may not always start as you expect, especially after you have done some maintenance and replaced parts before a new assembly.

Besides this, other models may not use the same technology, such as ones that use electricity.

In our guide, you can learn more about how to start Stihl weed eater. No matter the model, or if you have added a new spark plug. You’ll be able to start Stihl weedeater, don your ear protection and cut down troublesome weeds and thick grass in your garden.

How Do You Start A Stihl Weedeater FS55r?

If you have any issues, here’s a start and troubleshooting guide to get your trimmer head into action.

First, remove the starter cover to inspect the flywheel, crankshaft, and the Woodruf key alignment.

If this is okay, you can move on.

Is your starter handle hard to pull?

  • Remove the starter cover. Can your starter work smoothly? If yes, reattach the cover and move on to step 2. If not, the answer is to repair your starter.
  1. Is your trimmer equipped with a decompression valve? If it is, you can proceed, although if not, move to step 3.
  • Leave your ignition off, set the valve then pull your starter loop handle.
  • Pull carefully to release the valve. Can you feel a difference in the effort required?

If yes, continue with step 3; if not, you’ll need to repair or replace your Stihl FS 55 decompression valve.

  1. Was your trimmer operated in a lean state, where there could be metal transfer from the engine’s piston to its cylinder wall?

If it was, it could cause a leaky intake in the engine connection, carb; crankcase seals, cracked fuel delivery lines, all from running on gas with no 2-cycle oil.

  • Disconnect your spark plug wire and remove your plug.
  • Remove the muffler to clean and also the spark arrestor before reinstalling.
  • Shine a light into the plug hole to check the cylinder via the exhaust port. It should have a smooth surface, yet if it’s damaged, it could look dull with spots or smears.

Pull your starter carefully to inspect your rising and falling piston.

If you saw any spots or scratches on your cylinder, the trimmer was operated in a lean condition. Finding a quality repair for a Stihl FS 55 trimmer with engine damage is often higher than the cost of a new Stihl FS 55 trimmer.

It would take an engine breakdown, rebore the cylinder, and assembly with larger piston and piston rings, etc. Doing this at home isn’t possible because of the tools required.

Trying to run your trimmer without a repair would lead to a lack of performance and creating lots of smoke as the oil burns when it leaks down the edges of the pistons. (Learn How To Get Rid Of Goat Head Stickers In Your Yard)


How Do You Start A Stihl Weedeater Easy Start?

One of the best features of some models of Stihl trimmer is the starting mechanisms. Here is a bit more insight into what you could find.

How do you start a Stihl fs55r trimmer?

  1. Hold down the throttle trigger lockout button.
  2. Press the throttle trigger at the same time until the detent engages with the tab on the housing.
  3. Release the throttle trigger first, then the throttle trigger lockout when the throttle trigger is engaged.
  4. The machine’s throttle has been set to the start position.

How to Start a String Trimmer

  1. Place your unit on a flat surface.
  2. Press the primer bulb six times.
  3. Move the power trimmer lever into the start position.
  4. Pull the starter rope handle five times.
  5. If the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Fahrenheit, pull the handle three times.
  6. Squeeze, hold the trigger, and pull the starter rope handle until the engine starts.

How do you start a 2 stroke strimmer?

Mix your fuel first. It would help if you did this before you add it to your fuel tank. You may need to occasionally check your fuel line before your fuel filter as there are likely more contaminants in your mixed fuel.

You can also find a screen close to the exhaust port that chokes up from burning oil in the gas unlike the air filter that gets block from dirt going in.

Your strimmer runs off a mix of semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil mixed with unleaded petrol (40:1).

  1. Remove the fuel cap from your strimmer gas tank and add the fuel mixture.
  2. Prime.
  3. Turn On.
  4. Set your Choke.
  5. Pull your start handle.
  6. Open the Choke once your Stihl FS 55 starts running.

Here are the more involved steps for starting larger weed eaters.

  1. The first thing is check your work area is safe and have full protective equipment. (Gloves, goggles and ear protection).
  2. Lay the trimmer on the ground in a safe position. It needs to rest supported on the engine and also the cutting blade guard.
  3. Ensure the cutting blade isn’t touching the ground or close to any objects when you start the engine.
  4. Move the stop switch on the multi-function control to the operating position (Position I).
  5. Press the throttle trigger and hold it in the down position. While doing this, press your throttle trigger until the catch engages with the housing tab.
  6. When you engage the throttle trigger, release the throttle trigger and the trigger lockout. Now your trimmer is in the start location.
  7. Push the primer bulb downward at least 5 times, even if full of fuel as it can reduce the number of times you pulled to start the engine.
  8. If the engine is cold, you need to close the choke shutter by moving it in the closed direction.
  9. Ensure you have a secure footing. Push your trimmer toward the ground so it can’t tilt or move.
  10. Pull the starter rope from the starter grip using your right hand until the first stop.
  11. If you have a machine without the ErgoStart, you’ll need to give a quick power pull on your starter rope.
  12. Machines with ErgoStart, pull the starter upward using steady force. Don’t pull the rope all the way out, and don’t let the grip spring back. Instead, guide it, and enable the starter rope to rewind.
  13. When the engine fires or follows your fifth pull, adjust the choke lever so it points to open. Running too long with a choke floods your carb and leads to ore issues.
  14. Pull the starter rope and your engine will fire.
  15. Once your engine runs, press the throttle trigger until it releases the tab. Now, your engine will idle and your tool stops rotating.
  16. Lift your trimmer carefully and don’t accelerate accidentally.
  17. Now, you are ready to use your trimmer and cut down thick grass and weeds in double time.

To switch off your machine move the stop switch to the Stop position (Position O).

string trimmer

How Do You Start A Stihl Weedeater Gas?

While starting a Stihl trimmer varies a little according to the model, most starting procedures are quite similar.

You’ll find electric models easier to start than gas.

Press down on your starting lockout lever and pull the trigger. The procedure for starting gas models such as your Stihl FS 55 are a bit more complex. (Learn Grass Clippings Over Grass Seed)

How to Start Your Stihl Trimmer

1. Fuel in the Tank

  • Remove your tank filler cap and check the fuel tank for fuel. If the fuel level is low, add additional fuel.
  • Gas-powered Stihl trimmers use a 50-to-1 gas-oil fuel mix. Move your trimmer away from your fueling site before attempting to start it.

2. Check Surrounding Area

  • The blade on a Stihl trimmer head spins rapidly once you start the machine. Should your trimmer line contact any object, it can throw this a considerable distance.
  • Esnure no one is within 50 feet of you as you start your trimmer.

3. Enable The Switch

  • Press and hold your lockout lever and squeeze the throttle trigger. As you engage the levers, move your starter switch to the “On” position.
  • On most gas models it will be a capital “I” symbol. Some models may have a “Start” position, thus you need to switch to the “I” position once your engine runs.

4. Position Your Choke

  • Move your choke lever to the full choke position if your engine is cold. If your engine is warm, set it to half choke.
  • Push the fuel bulb until filled with fuel, and if your model has a decompression value button, press it before trying to start.

5. Place the Trimmer On The Ground

  • Lay your trimmer on the ground on the opposite side of your starter grip handle. Let it rest on the guard.
  • Make sure the trimmer line or cutting doesn’t touch the ground or anything.

starting cord

6. Pull Your Starting Cord

  • Pull the starter grip handle until you feel some resistance.
  • Give it a sharp tug and then guide the rope back into the housing to stop tangles.
  • Give the starter four more pulls, and move your choke lever to the middle setting. Continue to crank the engine until it fires.
  • Once your engine starts, flick the throttle trigger so the engine goes into the idle setting.

Now, your tools head is ready to trim your yard.

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