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How To Remove Paint From A Mirror

Whether you use spray paint to paint anything around the house or spruce up your thrift shop mirror frame a new look, there’s a chance you’ll get stray paint on the glass surfaces. If so, figuring out how to get spray paint off mirror might be right at the front of your mind.

How to remove spray paint from a mirror isn’t too tricky once you know the techniques, and it can be easier than lots of other materials. There are many ways how to get spray paint off mirror surfaces, including using steel wool metal scrapers or applying acetone-based nail polish remover to soften the paint before wiping it off.

In our guide, you can learn each of these methods for how to remove paint from mirror surfaces at home. By the end, you’ll be able to choose from many techniques for how to get paint off a mirror without causing any damage to the frame’s finish. Also, such methods can quickly get paint off window glass, should you find old paint splodges.


Can Spray Paint Damage My Mirror?

In general, spray paint won’t typically harm a mirror. The mirror’s surface of your mirror is composed of glass, which gives it a very durable and long-lasting quality. As long as you use consistent pressure when cleaning like if you were trying to remove paint stains from glass windows, the glass surface should be safe.

Dry paint won’t damage mirror glass, and even with the things mentioned already, there are several ways to remove paint off a mirror. Although it can dry more quickly than you have time to gather everything you need, simply wet and wipe spray paint off the mirror. Just exercise caution. You don’t wipe paint from mirror surface onto the mirror frames. (Learn How Long Should Mud Bed Cure Before Tiling)

How To Remove Spray Paint From Mirror Surface?

1. Rubbing Alcohol:

As a solvent, rubbing alcohol can get spray paint from a mirror surface. This procedure typically works better with spray paints that are based on water. As a result, you might want to attempt a different method if your mirror is covered in spray paint that contains oil.

If you’re working with water-based spray paint, place some rubbing alcohol on a folded paper towel. Rub the paint quickly, without touching the frame, to avoid scratching it. If the folded paper towel dries out or becomes covered with paint, add more rubbing alcohol to a fresh one.

When removing spray paint off a mirror, rubbing alcohol evaporates, eliminating the need for rinsing. Nonetheless, it won’t harm to dry the surface with a soft cloth and polish it after wiping it with a moist paper towel.

2. Acetone

Acetone degrades paint, which makes it simpler to remove paint stains from a mirror’s surface. However, you need to take steps to avoid it touching the frame, and also for your fingers and breathing.

When using a large amount of acetone, it is best to work in a well-ventilated area and wear rubber gloves. After adding acetone to the paper towel, quickly rub it against the spray paint.

Apply new acetone to another clean area of the paper towel as necessary or swap it for a new one. Once finished, it is best to clean the surface with a paper towel dabbed in hot water to remove any streaks; however, acetone nail polish remover should evaporate.

If the paint is close to the frame, it may be easier to dab using a cotton ball or cotton bud so you don’t get too close. (Learn How To Sand Latex Paint)

3. Nail Polish Remover

Like pure acetone or paint thinner, nail polish remover may wipe away spray paint.

You’ll find that many nail polish removers have stopped including this ingredient, even though it’s recommended to use an acetone-based nail polish remover.

  1. While careful not to contact the frame, use nail polish remover on a cotton ball, cotton pad, or paper towel and wipe the paint stain.
  2. Wipe a clean paper towel with water to complete. You may find that this remover performs better on acrylic paintings than oil-based ones.

4. Steel Wool

One of the quickest ways to remove spray paint stains from your mirror surface is to use regular steel wool or steel wool soap pads for cleaning pots and pans.

    1. Wet the soap pad, rub it over the mirror, and then wipe it clean with a cloth to get it sparkling.
    2. Steel wool may be able to remove tiny, dry dots of spray paint from your surface, but it won’t work on large, thick paint.
    3. Rub the paint with the wet steel wool, using light to moderate pressure.
    4. Then, using a damp cloth, wipe away any residual paint. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water once all the paint has been removed.

5. Magic Eraser

Abrasive materials include magic erasers and melamine sponges. The magic eraser may get paint off the mirror because of the melamine resin’s sharpness.

      1. When removing spray paint off a mirror or other hard surface, glass can tolerate the abrasiveness of your melamine sponge.
      2. To remove the spray paint, dampen the eraser and rub it over the surface in a circular motion.
      3. Use a dry cloth to wipe away any remaining water after the paint has been removed.

6. Baking Soda

baking soda

Since baking soda is highly abrasive, you can remove dried-on paint from a mirror.

      1. Put on gloves before you begin since baking soda may irritate your skin.
      2. Mix little baking soda with a bit of water to create a paste. Rub the paste onto the surface to remove the paint, similarly, to sanding.
      3. You can use a moist clean rag and a spray bottle of vinegar. Sprinkle the baking soda before cleaning the vinegar. You can wipe on it or use a spray bottle of vinegar to wipe away the baking soda paste.
      4. The best cleaner for washing windows or keeping a mirror clean is vinegar on a clean cloth, as you can discover with this technique.

7. Oven Cleaner

Try using Easy-Off oven cleaner or an alternative to get spray paint off your mirror. (Read 5 Gallon Paint Bucket Weight)

An oven cleaner can cause skin burns and eye and lung irritation. If this is the case, you should wear gloves and eye protection and work in a well-ventilated area if you want to follow this route.

      1. With an old, clean cloth, spray oven cleaner.
      2. Avoid touching the frame while applying it.
      3. Let the oven cleaner on the mirror for 20 to 30 minutes.
      4. Then, use a rag to remove the oven cleaner and paint.
      5. Continue until all of the paint has been eliminated.
      6. With a clean cloth and some water, remove any residual oven cleaner as the final step.

8. Metal Scraper with a Sharp Edge

One of the most effective ways to remove dried paint from glass surfaces is with a sharp blade scraper or razor blade.

      1. Before gently scraping where the spray paint is on your mirror, hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle.
      2. Wipe away any residue or dried paint flakes with a damp cloth after scraping any excess paint.
      3. Add some liquid soap and a drop of water to make your scraper slide freely and lower the chance of scratches.
      4. After removing the paint, use a warm soapy cloth to remove any remaining residue before polishing the surface with a dry cloth.

9. Graffiti Remover

If there is a lot of spray paint on your mirror, it might be better to use a commercial graffiti remover. In most cases, you’ll apply the graffiti remover, let it sit for a time, wipe it off, and then rinse the mirror with water.

It’s essential to keep the graffiti remover from the frame; thus, placing painter’s tape here can prevent harm.

10. Hair Dryer

If the solutions above are available and you need to get spray paint off the mirror, you can try a hair dryer. Use a soap solution to weaken the adhesion of the paint, followed by a hot hair drier and a soft towel to wipe it off. (Read Can You Paint Latex Over Acrylic)

hair dryer

Directions for Removing Paint off Mirror

The process to get spray paint off mirror is much the same for paint thinners, nail polish, or paint-stripping paste.

How to clean smudges of spray paint from glass.

      1. Don a pair of rubber gloves.
      2. Apply paint thinner or nail polish remover to small particles on the surface using a folded-up piece of paper towel.
      3. Small pieces of paint should dissolve quickly in the nail polish remover, making cleanup as simple as wiping them away.
      4. When done, use a damp cloth dipped in vinegar to wipe and polish the glass mirror surface.
      5. You can also use white vinegar and distilled water mixture, which is less expensive and won’t leave stains.

Note: Vinegar makes one of the best glass cleaners and is often better than commercial products.

Remove Old Paint

      1. Use painters tape to protect the glass mirror frame from damage.
      2. If working with old paint, put on some latex gloves (rubber gloves).
      3. Open a pail of paint-stripping paste to remove paint.
      4. With a disposable brush, cover the old paint with the paint remover.
      5. Let the old paint soften after the stripper has been applied for roughly two hours.
      6. Using a plastic putty knife or another sharp object, loosen the old paint and paint stripper, then pull them apart to remove them.
      7. Keep going until you get all spray paint off mirror.
      8. To remove any remaining paint stains, polish the mirror by wiping it off with a paper towel dipped in regular vinegar or warm water.

How Do I Remove Enamel Paint Off Glass?

Two types of enamel paint are used:

      • Oil-based enamel paint, water-based enamel paint.

To remove the paint from a mirror, you must first identify the type of enamel paint on it.

In the case of oil-based enamel paint

      1. Use a razor scraper to remove a sizable chunk of a thick coat of paint.
      2. To prevent scratching your glass, exercise caution. The next step is to use acetone or lacquer thinner to remove any remaining stains from your glass surface.
      3. Painter’s tape should be wrapped around the interior of the frame before attempting to remove spray paint stains.

Water-based Enamel Paint

      1. A scraper and soapy water can remove water-based spray paint from mirrors.
      2. After spraying on the soapy water, allow the paint coats to soak it.
      3. Gently scrape away with a plastic scraper before cleaning with a clean rag.

How To Remove Paint From A Mirror