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How To Fix A Squeaky Refrigerator Door

The lights are off, and everybody’s asleep. You think about opening the fridge door quietly and grabbing a snack.

But a squeaky refrigerator door poses a challenge to your nightly missions, yes? Jokes aside, the sound it makes is annoying.

And you want to know how to fix it now. Well, this guide will cover cost-effective and straightforward DIY methods you could do.

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Why do Door Squeaks happen?

A refrigerator door squeak because the hinges are dirty or are loose. Frequently, a door that doesn’t close properly squeak. Lack of lubricant causes a lot of friction between metals and plastic in the fridge.

This rubbing of two materials is what makes the squeaky noise.

Bushings are important. Because they allow for a friction-free surface for door hinge pins to pivot to. The noise is centered around this area.

A refrigerator door hinge eventually wears depending on usage. These door hinges could become squeaky hinges if not taken care of. Constant cleaning and occasional lubrication are recommended. (Read How Soon Can You Grout After Laying Tile)

Sometimes, it might sound that it’s the top hinge that’s causing the noise. But more often than not, it’s the bottom hinge. All the weight is on that part.

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How To Clean a Refrigerator?

One of the possible reasons why doors squeak is because of hinges being dirty. A clean fridge will allow less grease and foodstuff to affect your hinges.

While you’re at it trying to clean the hinges, why not clean the entire fridge. Clean the refrigerator regularly as this will prevent squeaking.

The first thing you would want to do is to empty the contents of the fridge. Then get a clean cloth dipped in dishwashing liquid. Get a cup to pour water over the inside of your fridge.

Use the cloth to take away grime and food stains from your fridge. Wash with water mixed with dishwashing detergent occasionally. By now, the gasket, the sides of the interiors, and all the other parts should be cleaned or bubbly from the soap.

Use warm water to wash all the parts of the fridge gently. Then use another clean cloth dipped in warm water to remove the soap. You could use a stronger detergent on tougher stains, though.

To get a thorough cleaning of the hinges, you might need to remove the doors. Remove containers and electric or water lines to prepare for the removal. Use an appropriate wrench to unscrew the top hinge bracket.

You could then pull the doors upward to dislodge them from the bottom pivot.

How to Lubricate a Refrigerator Door?

Lubricating the hinges of a refrigerator is an easy way to eliminate door squeak. Pure paraffin wax, petroleum jelly, and mineral oil are good lubricants. Also

Use a needle-style oiler or a brush to reach into tight spaces. Of course, you could remove the doors and apply the lubricant.

Lifting the refrigerator door, though, would be better, if possible. It’s easier, and some doors are designed for this. You only need to lift a small bit with a buddy.

After lifting or removing the door, apply the chosen lubricant. Whatever it is, make sure it’s easy to apply and doesn’t ruin the air inside. A needle oiler bottle would be pretty convenient so try to get one. (Learn How To Clean White Painted Doors)

Also, make sure to tighten the screw if you loosen them during the process.

Common Lubricants to Fix A squeaky Refrigerator Door


If your fridge uses nylon bushings, then WD-40 is not a good lubricant. It deteriorates the plastic over time. Also, WD-40 is not precisely a lubricant, and it’s more of a cleaner. It might be good to clean your refrigerator door hinges with them, though.

Candle Wax

Paraffin wax could sometimes be confused with candle wax. It doesn’t make a good lubricant for door hinges.

Olive oil

It’ FDA approved, and it’s a lubricant. It’s a good alternative to a proper lubricant.


Try something else. It might smell later on.

Paraffin wax

GE recommends it. It’s just a good lubricant overall.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is an excellent alternative to paraffin wax. It’s good for door gaskets.

Silicon Spray

It’s effective. It’s not reactive and is among one of the most slippery lubes out there.

bar soap

Bar Soap

It can serve as a lubricant, but it dries. So, it won’t be as effective.


If the problem with your fridge door squeaking involves rust, then cleaning and lubricating might not be enough. It might be that your door is squeaky for other reasons, and some repairs are needed.

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