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Do Rabbits Eat Spiders or Other Insects

Rabbits and insects live in the wild. Since rabbits are herbivores, they do not need to consume bugs.

Their primary dietary requirement of a rabbit (fiber) is met by eating grass and hay. In some cases, they might eat a bug by accident, but it won’t cause them any harm.

Do rabbits eat Spiders?

Bugs such as spiders, crickets, flies, ticks, and other insects are not usually eaten by rabbits. These creatures are herbivores, which means they derive their energy from plants. So, no, rabbits do not eat spiders.

Bugs and rabbits share a lot of the same dietary sources. Rabbits are herbivores, so, their diet consists of plants and only plants. Some rabbits can consume plants and may eat a bug that comes with it by accident.  (Read Can Rabbits And Ducks Live Together)


Bugs do not provide nutrients to rabbits. Rabbits often use the digestive system to break down high fiber, low-energy plant food.

It’s only attempting to be territorial if it appears to enjoy moving things or animals. But, rabbits can eat smaller bugs by accident while foraging. In such instances, you don’t have to be concerned that the situation will harm your beloved pet’s health.

It’s possible that this rabbit ate the insect in such a way that it will almost have no impact.

Do Rabbits Attract Spiders?

Spiders are not attracted to rabbits. But, your rabbit’s hutch may attract spiders if the rabbit’s hay contains a lot of bugs. If your rabbit’s hutch is quiet, calm, and moist (i.e., not clean), it’s the ideal environment for bugs to thrive.

This might lead to a spider infestation. The placement of your rabbit’s hutch will also influence how it is to attract spiders. There is a huge possibility that you’ll find spiders in your rabbit hutch if you place them in an area where many spiders are already residing. A rabbit hutch should be away from insects.


Are spiders harmful to rabbits?

Unless provoked, most spiders will not bite or harm a rabbit. The spider will be more scared of the rabbit than the rabbit will be of the spider. They can live in peace if your rabbit isn’t interested in eating a spider. If your rabbit ate a non-poisonous spider, don’t panic; it won’t harm them in any way.

But, if the spider is poisonous, it can cause serious harm. A poisonous spider bite will kill a rabbit. The majority of spider bites on rabbits are provoked, and it happens rarely.

The spider will be more afraid of the bunny. If rabbits don’t eat spiders, you’ll have a more peaceful atmosphere for your bunny. Eating spiders provides no benefit to the rabbit.

If you notice a lot of poisonous spiders around your rabbit’s home, make sure your rabbit doesn’t consume them by accident.

But don’t worry, rabbits aren’t interested in spiders or insects, so you can relax.

Spiders are unlikely to bite your rabbit unless your bunny disturbs the spider. In the end, the spider will be more scared of the rabbit than the rabbit of the spider. (Read Can Pigs Eat Corn On The Cob)

wolf spider

Can a Wolf Spider kill a Rabbit?

Wolf spiders have a scary appearance, but are they harmful to rabbits?

Wolf spiders are kind of venomous, and their neurotoxic is weak against rabbits. When a wolf spider bites a human, the bite produces local inflammation. Rabbits may have a rash for a few days after being bitten by a wolf spider.

How do I check if my rabbit is attacked by a spider?

Look for red or swollen patches on your rabbit’s body if it scratches the same region of skin a lot. It would look like ant bites. You could see areas that show a sting during the checkup. Apply ice with a layer of cloth to soothe the rabbit’s pain right away, and keep an eye on the bite’s progress.

rabbit on the grass

Is it true that rabbits eat insects?

A rabbit will seldom eat an insect because they want to. Rabbits are one of the animals that are strict herbivores. This means they only eat plants. This indicates that a rabbit’s diet has never included creepy crawlies.

Fiber is important for rabbits to flourish and survive. Greenery, such as plants, provide the bunnies with adequate health benefits. Giant insects like cockroaches and beetles may provide a protein source. But, rabbits do not need this kind of sustenance.

Moreover, they are prey animals with no predatory blood. Rabbits can’t search for food. Insects move quickly. For a rabbit, hunting and collecting food is too difficult.

This holds true for both wild rabbits and domesticated pets. Wild rabbits will seek out broad green regions for food. If nothing else works, the rabbit will climb a tree and eat low-hanging branches and their leaves.

Regardless, this does not rule out the possibility that a rabbit will eat an insect. Bugs and rabbits eat the same foods. A rabbit might be eating a plant and do not realize they have swallowed an insect.

Let’s not forget that rabbits are smart creatures. If your pet notices anything strange, they might want to investigate deeper. It is possible to do an investigation through the mouth.

Is it OK for rabbits to eat bugs?

Bunnies should not eat bugs. They’re also not allowed to eat flies, either. But rabbits aren’t usually interested in such things. The majority of insects are so tiny that your rabbit will be unaware of their existence. Your pet rabbits may eat a flea.

Imagine your bunny traps a cockroach; your rabbit will protect herself if the insect is considered a threat. This may include biting and maybe consuming the insect. Cockroaches are carriers of illness. Rabbits aren’t known for having a strong immune system.

So, you have to look out for the effects of eating bugs.

Help! My Rabbits eat Insects!

It’s understandable that you’re concerned if your rabbit has acquired a taste for spiders and insects. This indicates that your pet has developed unusual carnivorous instincts.

If your rabbit shows no indications of illness, she is most likely in good health. Regardless, have her looked out. Make sure your pet isn’t hiding any stomach problems or pain. Rabbits don’t want to show their pain unless it’s needed.

Can a Rabbit Eat Fleas or Ticks?

For rabbits, parasites are widespread bugs eaten by rabbits. If two connected rabbits share a hutch, this is very probable. Ticks will be discovered during the grooming procedure.

If a rabbit discovers a tick on her partner, she will not ignore it. She’ll try everything she can to get rid of it. Biting will almost certainly be included. The rabbit may then consume the tick to be sure it’s gone.

This is not a good idea since you have no way of knowing where the tick has been. It may make a rabbit sick if it has eaten diseased blood from another animal.

Fleas are also harmful and can be eaten by accident. If your rabbit lives alone, they may swallow fleas while chewing their fur to reduce itching. Tapeworm larvae are carried by fleas. Your rabbit exposes herself to internal parasites by eating fleas. (Read Can Pigs Eat Watermelon Rind)

Rabbits treating their parasite infestations on their own is never a good idea.

Risks of eating bugs and insects

Rabbit owners should be wary about their pets eating insects. It has the potential to be damaging to one’s health.


Eating insects might also cause rabbits to become ill with diarrhea. Bunnies, as herbivores, are unable to digest insects.


A bug might transmit parasites to your rabbits. Parasites are carried by pest insects and transferred to other animals by biting or eating them.

Although rabbits do not consume insects on purpose, they can eat insects if they crawl on the bunny’s meal. (Read Do Pigs Eat Bananas)

Eating tiny amounts of insects is not harmful to bunnies as long as the bug is not dangerous or poisonous. Even though ingesting insects is not harmful to bunnies, it is still best not to feed them any because rabbits are herbivores and may be unable to digest the insect.

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